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Join Tic Tac Time Online Shopping – Online Membership Agreement

Welcome to apply to join Tic Tac Time Online Shopping website (hereinafter referred to as Tic Tac Time Online Shopping). Tic Tac Time Online Shopping website and the related membership services are provided by “Tic Tac Time Company Limited” (hereinafter referred to as Tic Tac Time) in order to provide the special shopping experience and service being arranged by us.

In order to protect the interests of all members and users, as well as ensure the service being enjoyed by them, you are advised to read all Terms and Conditions before you complete the membership application and provide all required information. Once you start to use the related services being provided by the website, you have been confirmed to agree with all contents of those measures. All relevant adjustment on the Terms and Conditions, as well as the user guide would be posted in Tic Tac Time Online Shopping website. You are suggested to pay attention to any of these adjustments and make your own adjustments accordingly. If you continue to use any of these services after the adjustments, you have confirmed to agree for the acceptance on these modifications.

All personal information profile would be strictly protected in accordance with norms of personal data protection law and relevant laws under the Basic Laws of HKSAR, as well as “Privacy Policy” being stated in this website.

ONE: Member’s Personal Information on the website

    1. Purpose of gathering
      • Business and Technology Information
      • Management of Customer System
      • Management of Membership System
      • Marketing
      • Information and Database Management Etc.
      • The purpose of the survey and analysis
      • Personal Transaction Data
      • Other requipments on business registration issues on company policy related to the business
      • Other financial services
      • Donation
    2. Personal Information
      • Personal Individual Identification, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail, delivery address, recipient information and other delivery records.
      • Identification by Financial Tools / Means, such as a credit or debit card, the credit card number, bank account number or other personal information, etc…
      • The Government Personal Individual Identification Materials, such as ID numbers, social security numbers or passport numbers.
      • Personal Description, such as gender, age, date of birth, nationality.
      • Family Status, such as marriage status and family records.
      • Leisure Activities and Interests, such as hobbies, sports, and other interests, the use of equipment.
      • Lifestyle, such as the use types of consumer goods and services, details of personal or household consumption patterns
      • Financial Transaction Record, such as payment, purchase records.
      • The Agreement or Contract, such as on any trading, business, legal or other contracts, etc.
    3. Membership Period
      • The membership period is valid, starting from the person being enrolled in the membership system, until the date of termination by the Company or by the member himself / herself
    4. Use of Personal Information of the Members / Area Limitation
      • Based on the principle to fulfil the contractual obligations, being limited to the delivery to the areas within Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, we will only provide the relevant information to the logistics providers, as well as the person-in-charge of the transaction with the purpose of arranging the follow up matters on the transaction, e.g. delivery purposes.
      • The Company will only utilize the relevant personal data being collected on specific purpose.
    5. Member Profile Parties Claim
      • Members on his/her legal rights need to give the company a written request to exercise the following rights on the personal data:
        • inquiries or requests for access
        • prepared to give copies
        • additions or corrections
        • request to stop the collection, processing or use.
        • Remove request.
      • The members on his/her own legal rights can call our customer service center in order to apply for any of the above process on the personal information
      • Members can also login to this platform by themselves (using their own account passwords) to supplement or correct their personal data, in addition to the application for these additions or corrections via our customer service centers.
      • All personal data being registered and collected would be strictly confidential and protected under appropriate security system. Their utilization are ONLY within a specific purpose and scope of the company’s related parties, e.g. logistics providers, Company appointed staff members. ALL these parties would have the obligations to take appropriate measures to protect the security:
      • There would be ONLY the following exceptional cases for any disclosure on those personal data:
        • Based on the provisions of the law, or by the legal procedures, or the requirements of judicial and other competent authorities.
        • To safeguard the public interest.
        • For the removal of any danger to the life, health, liberty or property of the members.
        • Prevent any significant harm to the rights of others.
        • After the written consent of the members.
  1. About Membership Registration on the website
    1. You agree to provide basic information including but not limited to name, identity card number, telephone number, address, date of birth and e-mail address, etc… in order to make registration to this website as well as declaration of the acceptance for the member service on this Website.
    2. Please make sure that all the registered personal information is true and correct at the time of registration. If your personal information is not correct or there needs to be some changes on it, we would appreciate that you make immediate update and Tic Tac Time could make appropriate update on it accordingly, so as to maintain the accuracy of the personal information. If the relevant personal information could not be updated or corrected due to the condition that you have not made the amendments accordingly, Tic Tac Time would still utilize the former personal information being provided for the normal operation and you are agreed that all the personal interests being suffered would be borne by your own.
    3. If any of the personal information being registered is not true, Tic Tac Time would keep the rights of refusing any member service being provided to you, or suspend or terminate your membership ultimately.
    4. If there is any suspected incorrectness, loss, or fraudulent use of personal information being reasonably discovered, Tic Tac Time would promptly notify you and stop processing or use of your personal data, and to pause processing and follow-up of the account transaction; or if you find reasonable doubt of your personal information being incorrect, fraudulent use or lost, you should immediately notify Tic Tac Time and Tic Tac Time would take necessary preventive measures and appropriate investigation. However, Tic Tac Time would not bear any liability being incurred in these incidents
    5. Tic Tac Time would establish network security mechanisms in line with the needs of the transaction, and inform you of any safety measure of this mechanism, in order to provide you with a safe trading platform.
    6. While registering any member information, you must provide a personal identification code and password, and these numbers could not be repeated in other logins.
    7. You should keep all the account number and password under strictly confidential manner, and make sure that the logout is being properly done every time after use so as to prevent unauthorized use. On the other hand, please do not disclose your account number and password to any third party in order to avoid any illegal use. If you fail to take good care of the account number and password, you are subjected to any responsibility of any loss at your own risk


  2. Personal Information being provided by the Members
    Please confirm that the personal information being uploaded, transmitted, input or provided to this website, are being licensed to use (hereinafter referred to as Authorized Data, including but not limited to, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, convert, distribute, publish, disclose, etc. ), and the aforementioned right to delegate a third person. Once any data you upload, transmit, input or provide to this website, you are deemed to have agreed to Tic Tac Time your permission to use, and have the aforementioned right to delegate to others, being which you have no objections to this. You should ensure that there is no case of infringement of intellectual property rights of any third party, that would further lead to any loss or damage to Tic Tac Time while the latter party get the authorization in utilizing. Should there be any loss and damage, you are agreed to bear the responsibility and the compensation for any loss being incurred to Tic Tac Time.
  3. Information Record
    When you enter the website, there would be some data records, including transaction information, and payment information, delivery address and recipient information being recorded and kept into the database system for Member Services to the website , and you agree Tic Tac Time would make further process in the aim of the scope of a particular purpose, e.g. to collect, use or disposal for these data records due to any service being provided to the members.
  4. Modification on the Terms and Conditions
    Members have agreed to accept any terms and conditions for Tic Tac Time Online Shopping being amended, and have agreed to allow Tic Tac Time make acknowledgement for any revised terms and conditions via words, written, telephone, SMS, email, fax, electronic files or other sufficient means in order to notify the members or keep them informed (including but not limited to the aforementioned manner that the members agreed to accept those details of the terms and conditions being modified in the content of the website links).


If there are any content discrepancies or violation on any login details or any behavior for the above “Member Profile” content, you agree and understand that Tic Tac Time would make disclosure and handling on those terms of the agreement, and you will have to bear any own expense and inconvenience for all legal responsibility

II, Member Services in the Website

  1. Personal Data Protection
    For members logged in or retention of personal data, to be within a specific purpose and scope of Tic Tac Time and related logistics providers that would be utilized, all personal data would be protected under appropriate security measures. And all the relevant personal data would be retrieved according to the principle of the industry competent being designated by the authority. Except for the following circumstances, there would be exceptional cases:

    1. Based on the provisions of the law, or by the legal procedures based on the requirements of judicial and other competent authorities.
    2. To promote the public interest.
    3. For the removal of members in the case of danger threatening life, health, liberty or property.
    4. Your Member Profile being suffered by fraudulent use, that might lead to significant harm to the member’s interests.
    5. In order to prevent significant harm to the rights of others.
    6. After the written consent of the members.
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
    Software or programs used by Tic Tac Time, and the contents on the website, including but not limited to the works, pictures, files, information, data, website architecture, web pages, web design, are all intellectual property rights under Tic Tac Time and the related legal parties. Please make sure that you get the approval from Tic Tac Time and the related legal parties before using such information.
  3. Suspension and Interrupt of Service
    The website system / related functions may be suspended or interrupted due to system maintenance or “routine” function upgrading and changes, and Tic Tac Time might send emails, bulletin messages or other appropriate means in order to acknowledge the members before these suspension / interrupt.
    Tic Tac Time would take appropriate measures in order to maintain the normal operation on all member services in the website.  Unless any of the following circumstances, Tic Tac Time would suspend or discontinue all or part of the member service, even if the mentioned suspension / interrupt would cause any inconvenience or damage, still Tic Tac Time would not be responsible for any compensation on these cases:

    1. Any cases that users have the violation on the Government Laws or the Regulation on the website;
    2. Natural disasters or other force majeure factors that caused the suspension or interrupt;
    3. The cases could not be controlled by Tic Tac Time that further lead to any incorrect displaying, forged, altered, deleted, capture, system disruption or function failure being suffered by any Member Service;
    4. Any removal, upgrading, replacement, maintenance or repair on the software / hardware equipment;
    5. Other matters that could not be attributable to Tic Tac Time, being which the system is being suspended or interrupted.
  4. Website Linkage
    For the convenience of your own collection or access to the related information, this website will provide non-advertising links, but this does not mean that such a link with the site administrators would cause any partnership, employment or other similar relationship. Also, the sole responsibility would be borne by every single operator being represented for its own industry. Tic Tac Time and any external links, does not guarantee its appropriateness, effectiveness, or timeliness for those products / services / information being provided, and would not bear any responsibility and liability. Please make sure that the websites being linked and all transactions being done in these websites are under strict security measures
  5. Membership Services Management
    1. If your Member Information Profile being suffered for fraudulent use, or violation on the transaction security and other terms and conditions for the membership agreement, Tic Tac Time would reserve the right of the termination of your account or any use of the member service. If necessary, your registration record together with any related member service would be removed or deleted. You should understand that Tic Tac Time would not be responsible for any compensation due to such kinds of stop / suspension of member service.
    2. Tic Tac Time may have changes or termination on some membership service and activities be due to site management or other factors. Such kinds of changes or termination would be notified in the Tic Tac Time Online Shopping website or acknowledged by other means of related channels. All members would be recommended to pay attention to these messages.
    3. You can notify Tic Tac Time for any changes on Member Services or termination of membership service. Please note that Tic Tac Time will proceed and confirm such changes or termination on the next day after the notification from you. As a friendly reminder, such modification or termination, may cause you to lose some or all of the membership benefits or rights.


III. Others

  1. The interpretation of the terms and conditions of the agreement would be based on the Basic Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Subjected to there is any invalid part to the terms of any provision, that would not affect the validity of the other conventions.
  2. Should there be a lawsuit because of this clause, District Court for HKSAR would be as the first instance court of competent jurisdiction.

IV. Website Services and Privacy Statement

When you use or login the website, please note the following:

  1. Please keep your network password and personal information strictly confidential, not disclosing any personal information to others, especially for the network passwords. After you have finished using the services provided by this website, please make sure that you have properly logged out. If you are sharing a computer with others or using the public computer, remember to close the window browser accordingly.
  2. We will keep a record of your browsing in the website or having any enquiry via the Internet, and the server would automatically generated related records for your IP address, use of time, use of any kind of browser, browsing information and data records, etc.