Shopping Guide

Shopping process: Purchase >>>> Checkout >>>> Payment Options >>>> Order being established

  1. PURCHASE: full-text search or browse through the pages of the search pattern, in order to find the targeted items
  2. CHECKOUT: to buy goods in the page click on “purchase checkout” or “Add to Cart”, enter the checkout page
  3. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Please select a payment method and fill in the Order Details
  4. ORDER BEING ESTABLISHED: order confirmation to the members based on the number of merchandise being confirmed by business operators and commodity price mechanism under an order confirmation with which the payment is done. The so-called were paid, including the use of physical ATM network or PAYPAL payment system being which credit cards / Unionpay / etc…are being inclusive. If the Company confirms that trading conditions are correct, merchandise being ordered are still available or the service being ordered is still available and no other present situation of the Order that the company cannot accept, then the company will send a separate shipping notification to the members that the members can check shipment status directly on the website


Goods Delivery:

  1. Unless otherwise being stated ALL general merchandise are with free shipping.
  2. Delivery transport area is limited to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. (Any Customer of the outside area, please use the address as the shipping address of Hong Kong relatives and friends)
  3. Please select stores for the merchandise pick up in the outlets. After the specified items are being transferred to the store, the system will send SMS and Email in order to alert you for the pick up.
  4. Goods will be shipped within 3 to 5 working days (excluding holidays) to the designated location (tailor-made products are not inclusive in this kind of arrangement and should be arranged according to the production lead time).


Payment method:

  1. Online swipe by credit card / unionpay / or other electronic payment means being supported by PAYPAL.
  2. While picking up in the shop, the payment is being settled by cash or credit card or unionpay


Invoice Delivery:

The paper invoice would be arranged in the same shipment with the merchandise to the appointed destination.


Shipping & Returns

  1. In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, except for ALL tailor-made products, the consumers of our Company website are entitled to 7 days of hesitation period (non-trial period) upon receipt of the products, subjected to the conditions that the related products (together with the packages) are not opened for usage OR the consumers give written notice to the Company to cancel sale and purchase contracts. Such returns are without any extra cost or price.
  2. During the period of hesitation, delivered goods must be at new condition and a complete package (including but not limited to products, accessories, packaging, brand boxes and all accompanying documents or completeness of information), otherwise it will not be accepted as return (exchange )goods.
  3. Some merchandises (please see the products menu details accordingly) based on intellectual property rights protection, reinstated difficulties, personal hygiene and other factors, commodity once opened or by the use of which may affect the return (exchange) rights. Please kindly make sure that all points are being understood and confirmed before purchase .
  4. Subjected to the necessary means to the consumers for product inspection that lead to the results of the case of damage / loss / change to the merchandise, the Company shall not refuse, although consumers of refund (exchange) of goods, but the extent of the necessary cost for reinstating the damage / loss / change would be charged to the consumers.