Privacy Policy

The Company is providing e-commerce trading platform and to protect the interests of consumers, as well as to establish of our membership system in order to provide a complete service to our members. We would like to inform the following details under the personal data protection law in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:

  1. Purpose of gathering
    • Business and Technology Information
    • Management of Customer System
    • Management of Membership System
    • Marketing
    • Information and Database Management Etc.
    • The purpose of the survey and analysis
    • Personal Transaction Data
    • Other requipments on business registration issues on company policy related to the business
    • Other financial services
    • Donation
  2. Personal Information
    • Personal Individual Identification, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail, delivery address, recipient information and other delivery records.
    • Identification by Financial Tools / Means, such as a credit or debit card, the credit card number, bank account number or other personal information, etc…
    • The Government Personal Individual Identification Materials, such as ID numbers, social security numbers or passport numbers.
    • Personal Description, such as gender, age, date of birth, nationality.
    • Family status, such as marriage status and family records.
    • Leisure Activities and Interests, such as hobbies, sports, and other interests, and the use of equipment.
    • Lifestyle, such as the use types of consumer goods and services, details of personal or household consumption patterns
    • Financial Transaction Record, such as payment, purchase records.
    • The Agreement or Contract, such as on any trading, business, legal or other contracts, etc.
  3. Membership Period
    The membership period is valid, starting from the person being enrolled in the membership system, until the date of termination by the Company or by the member himself / herself
  4. Use of Personal Information of the Members / Area Limitation
    • Based on the principle to fulfil the contractual obligations, being limited to the delivery to the areas within Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, we will only provide the relevant information to the logistics providers, as well as the person-in-charge of the transaction with the purpose of arranging the follow up matters on the transaction, e.g. delivery purposes.
    • The Company will only utilize the relevant personal data being collected on specific purpose.
  5. Member Profile Parties Claim
    • Members on his/her legal rights need to give the company a written request to exercise the following rights on the personal data:
      • inquiries or requests for access
      • prepared to give copies
      • additions or corrections
      • request to stop the collection, processing or use.
      • Remove request.
    • The members on his/her own legal rights can call our customer service center in order to apply for any of the above process on the personal information
    • Members can also login to this platform by themselves (using their own account passwords) to supplement or correct their personal data, in addition to the application for these additions or corrections via our customer service centers.
    • All personal data being registered and collected would be strictly confidential and protected under appropriate security system. Their utilization are ONLY within a specific purpose and scope of the company’s related parties, e.g. logistics providers, Company appointed staff members. ALL these parties would have the obligations to take appropriate measures to protect the security:
    • There would be ONLY the following exceptional cases for any disclosure on those personal data:
      • Based on the provisions of the law, or by the legal procedures, or the requirements of judicial and other competent authorities.
      • To safeguard the public interest.
      • For the removal of any danger to the life, health, liberty or property of the members.
      • Prevent any significant harm to the rights of others.
      • After the written consent of the members.
  6. Personal Data Protection
    Based on the social responsibility and the compliance with laws and regulations, the Company would make appropriate commitments on the followings for all personal information being directly collected from the customers / the members:

    • Only process personal information in line with the Company’s specific goals legitimately
    • Only collecting the miniuium (basic) personal data that would be required in line with specific objectives, and does not deal with too much personal information
    • To provide the parties with respect to the scope and objectives for the use of personal data
    • The personal information being processed is related to a specific relevant purpose
    • Appropriate and legitimate processing of ALL personal information
    • Establishing procedures to safeguard customers’ personal data according to a list of categories
    • Keep personal information accurate and updated
    • Retaining only personal information consistent with the legitimate purposes of the Act, regulations and organization’s rights
    • Respect the rights of the parties regarding their personal information, including for any access to their personal data
    • Make sure that all personal information are being strictly protected under appropriate security system
    • Except for some special conditions being approved by management board being that all personal data are adequately protected, all direct or indirect access to these personal data are strictly prohibited for any international transfer.
    • Exemption application would only be valid for those cases being allowed by Personal data protection regulations
    • Development and establishment of personal information management system in order to enhance the completion of the mentioned policy
    • All external stakeholders would be strictly identified in the involvement to the Company’s personal information management system
    • According to the principle of the division of roles (Role base), the responsibility as well as the imputability, would be identified for the relevant stakeholders in the personal information management system
  7. Website services and privacy statement
    When you use or sign up in our membership system, please take precaution on the following: Please keep your network password and personal information highly confidential, not providing any personal information, especially network password to anyone else. After you have finished using the services provided by this website, please ensure all the log-out procedure is being done. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, please remember to close the web browser before leaving.
  8. Revision of Customers’ Personal Information Management Policies and Announcements
    The mentioned policies would be reviewed on a regular basis due to any changes on the organization, business operation, legislations or environmental factors as well as any concerns for the Company. Once revised, all updated versions would be posted on our Company’s specific bulletin board on our e-commerce platform. Except for any statutory notification obligation, there would not be any other separate notice for the public.